Happy New Year Obsidian Community!

We have some news regarding our beta release of the Obsidian Secure Messenger (OSM) to share with you all. Thanks to the ongoing and huge amount of support from OPL over the past several months, we have made a great deal of progress with the messenger app.

Release schedule

The teams of developers we have been supporting will first working Android Package (APK). Our current OSM developers released an unaudited mobile APK of the OSM for community members to install and test. However, unfortunately, as of 17th December 2017, one of our developers who co-wrote the Obsidian whitepaper, and has pre-paid himself a significant amount of ODN coins for existing and future work on the ODN messenger, removed OPL from the master GitHub account following our request for a full code audit before releasing the mobile Obsidian messenger app onto Google Play.

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