All things Obsidian — Put on your reading glasses, this is about to get serious.

Obsidian Platform (OPL) has been supporting many projects and developers with lots of work happening across these teams and communities. A slew of news and updates were released through Q4 2017 and Q1 2018. Here are some of the highlights and Obsidian (ODN) projects progress to date.

Obsidian Secure Messenger (OSM)

With the backing of Obsidian Platform since July 2017, our OSM development team has been releasing more stable Android APKs. Their plan is to release regular new builds in future. We have been looking at how better to standardise the code and create useful documentation. This will help more developers extend and build out their own apps using resources created so far.

The Obsidian (ODN) wallet can be downloaded from the official Obsidian Platform Open Source code repository on GitHub.

Obsidian Autonomous Payments Portal (OAPP)

Obsidian community developers have been working on a web-based application with backend infrastructure. The initial use-case is to act as pseudo smart contracts for paying bounties. We will open source this under an MIT license, as a working product for other third parties to fork.

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